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"Making Healthcare All About You."

Taking Healthcare Back For You

I am excited to have chosen a new direct primary care style of practice to better serve my valued patients. This innovative style of practice fights back against the increasingly toxic insurance company and government mandates that are threatening the doctor-patient relationship and the quality of healthcare in America. In this new care model, I will contract directly with you, rather than with your insurance company, and will therefore be accountable only to you. For a modest monthly membership fee (less than the price of most cable bills or coffee habits) you will get a private practice doctor who knows you very well, and you will have access to that personalized care around the clock.  


More Care Less Hassle

This style of practice has a limited enrollment which allows me to be available when you need medical care or advice. You will have 24/7 access to me via my cell phone, text, email, etc (with your permission, of course). Appointments in the office are flexible, same or next day, available even on evenings, weekends, or holidays, and will last as long as needed for us to reach our goals. Because I contract with you directly and do not ever bill your insurance, there will be no more rushed visits, no copays, no deductible charges, and no more annoying insurance bills that show up months after an appointment. In fact, you pay nothing extra for visits or treatments that are able to be provided by me in my practice. This is the kind of personalized, dignified, and comprehensive healthcare that I can deliver outside of the insurance model. I am pleased to offer this level of service to your entire family. 


"I get to spend more time with you, whenever you need me, without having to jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice."

About My Clinic 


Remember when medicine was practiced in a personalized and compassionate manner? When your doctor knew you and your family and took the time to give you the care you needed, when you needed it? My practice harkens back to that better time and restores the sacred doctor-patient relationship. By limiting the size of my practice, I am able to see you anytime and spend as much time as needed to answer your questions.


No longer will you have to suffer the time and access frustrations so common in traditional medical practices. Also gone, are the dangerously brief and rushed office visits, long waits for appointments and test results, and the impersonal nature of today’s healthcare “systems”. By directly partnering with you I can continue to deliver the type of high end, compassionate, and comprehensive care that is rapidly disappearing in modern American medicine. I have eliminated the insurance “middle man” from our relationship so I can focus on you and your health proactively (and with timely and personalized service). 



In My Clinic You Will Receive: 
  1. Your own personal physician who knows you very well 

  2. Individualized care—you will never be a “number” here 

  3. “No wait”, same-day, or next-urgent day appointment times 

  4. Greatly extended visit times—no more rushed visits or need to reschedule to get all of your questions answered or needs met 

  5. You will have around the clock access to me via my cell phone, text, etc.  You may also email me at any time.  Appointments in the office are flexible, same or next day, available even on evenings, weekends, or holidays, and will last as long as needed for us to reach our goals.

  6. No insurance hassles at my office—since I do not contract with any insurance it doesn’t matter to me what type you have and you will not have copays, deductible expenses, or charges other than your membership fee 

  7. Precious quality time with me for questions (yes, please ask all of them!), lifestyle improvement education and coaching/support, proactive health planning, etc. 

  8. Home or workplace visits are possible

  9. We provide a cutting edge medical care in a “Norman Rockwell” setting. . .

A Big Difference


Most family doctors have literally thousands of patients in their practice, and this overwhelming number is continuing to climb as family doctors and internists become more scarce. My practice has a limited membership enrollment which confers obvious advantages.

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