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It is unfortunate that we have all become quite familiar with the unnecessarily confusing costs in modern medicine, so you will be relieved to know that my pricing schedule is very straightforward.  I have a simple monthly membership fee to access all of my services.  That monthly fee encompasses 24/7 access, relaxed and same or next day urgent office visits, in house lab work, tests and treatments, etc.  Please see the benefits section for more details about the extensive nature of services offered for this modest monthly membership fee.



Monthy Membership Fees 

Adults:   $179 per month (This membership fee covers everything I can do for your medical care including visits, testing, paperwork, etc--and neither you nor I will have to bill insurance for any services I provide)

Children (2-18 years of age with an enrolled parent): $20 per month

Dependent Children 19-24 years of age can be added to your membership for $40 per month. 

Home Bound Or Nursing Home Membership:  Please contact us for details


Membership fees may be paid monthly by credit card, quarterly, or annually per your preference.  You may also choose to have automatic credit card payment plans as meets your needs.


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